Energy Storage Action List in Ireland

27 Mar 2014: Energy Storage Action List in Ireland

This report investigates the barriers within the Irish regulatory and market framework to furthering the development of bulk energy storage technologies (EST). It is structured into two main sections; the first section is on the current status of the regulatory and market framework; the second will discuss the barriers to further sustainable energy storage and potential strategies to overcome these.
Energy Storage Needs in Ireland

23 Jul 2013: Energy Storage Needs in Ireland

This report deals with the electricity supply system of Ireland and aims to provide a clear overview of the energy storage infrastructure needs in order to achieve high penetration of renewable energy in the electricity system. The existing power generation mix and transmission system, and the planned development and reinforcements are considered, along with the national plans for renewable energy development in the next decades up to 2050. The necessity of new energy storage facilities and their feasibility from the energy point of view is investigated with the aid of simulations of electricity system operation characteristics, using specially developed software. The produced qualitative and quantitative results highlight the need and benefits of energy storage in future electricity systems.